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The Trials, Tribulations and Tender Moments of Rookie Parents.

And so it begins...

By samsmommy81 · April 1, 2011

Welcome to my first blog!

Six months ago I never would have thought that I’d have the time to do this.  I thought that life as I knew it would never be the same.  No more spare time, no more down time, no more me time, no more sleep time!  But for all those new parents out there...there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me start from the beginning.  My husband and I knew each other for 10 years before we got married.  Yes...you can say it...I did...what the heck was he waiting for?!?!  But in the end, the waiting paid off.   We were ready for marriage in every sense of the word.  Oh except financially...oh and we didn’t have a place to live.  BUT we were ready in every OTHER sense of the word.  We were married on August 18, 2007, and we spent the first two years of marriage partying, travelling, spending money, sleeping in, living in a cozy loft and just enjoying each other!

Then suddenly we had an itch....we wanted a baby.  So we started trying and it was ALL we thought of.  It consumed us.  Keeping track of my cycle, counting days, researching tips.  Months passed and we were ‘positive’-ly exhausted and stressed, but not ‘positive’-ly pregnant.  SO we stopped trying.  Maybe it was a sign??  Maybe it wasn’t the right time??  We decided to wait a little while longer and once I came to terms with this decision I was actually relieved.  Not trying to have a baby meant I didn’t have to be so cautious about what I was eating or drinking!  Well, that freedom only lasted a few months because we unexpectedly became pregnant in February of 2009.

Then the panic set in.  But how hard could it be?!  So many people around us were having babies!  It wasn’t that bad.  Their babies slept for 3 hours, ate and then slept again!  Ha...

On October 18, 2010, two weeks before my due date, and after a routine OB appointment, I gave birth to Samantha Marilyn.  We were smitten.  She was an absolute angel.  We had hit the baby jackpot.  My husband and I were so proud!  She hardly cried.  She ate and slept just like the stories we heard from our friends.  It was so easy!

Well that lasted all of two weeks until we were introduced to a lovely thing called COLIC.  I do not wish it upon my worst enemy.  My eating, sleeping, angel baby suddenly started crying and screaming for hours at a time and to top it all off, she was completely inconsolable.  She no longer slept on her own, she cringed and screamed during feedings, and she would shriek in pain and turn all red every time she passed gas.  Besides the total lack of sleep, our hearts were breaking for our baby girl and we felt completely helpless.   All of the books, doctors and professionals said “It will pass”, but when??  Our saving grace was the advice we received from ONE friend of a friend whose baby was experiencing the exact same torture.  It was gripe water and believe it or not...the fan above our stove that made our lives easier.  The gripe water seemed to settle her stomach a little, and the white noise from the fan put her right to sleep.  We would spend hours in front of the stove dancing to music and rocking Sam in our arms.  Every time we walked away from the kitchen she would wake up and start crying again!  I am eternally grateful for my husband who proved to be a true partner in crime during these trying moments.  After three months of insanity, just as ‘they’ predicted, the colic went away.  But now the stove fan was my nemesis and we had a baby who became accustomed to falling asleep while her tired parents danced in the kitchen with music blaring.

Six months later we’re still rocking Sam to sleep but life is definitely easier.  She’s slowly learning how to soothe herself, she’s a lot more independent and every new smile and laugh makes all the worries and stress well worth it.  Every day we experience something new and we’re just learning as we go.

The moral of the story...we’ve learned that with parenthood comes many obstacles, and just when you think you’ve conquered the hill, another mountain appears.  We are by no means experts, but we’ve learned that it’s helpful to have “a friend of a friend” to help you along the way.



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